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If your lips are on the runway but your mind is in the gutter, we have the perfect shade for you! What’s fun, sexy, naughty, and classic? You are! Thats not just lip service either. We make a whole line of cosmetics for women and men that compliment who you really are. Don’t even worry about haters, at Dirty Mind we don’t throw shade, we make shades for fabulous and authentic people. Think of us as the cards against humanity of makeup. Try Just The Tip (one of our classic lip colors), see how it feels, slide it on to your lips and enjoy vegan, and cruelty free color. All your friends will get a heart on when they see you rocking these deep penetrating shades. Are you a fan of Halloween and Tim Burton films? Ever thought Edward scissor hands was so hot? If so, then maybe you Wanna Scissor? Another one of our classic lip shades inspired by our favorite Tim Burton films. Follow us, love us, suggest a color or a name. Our lines are inspired by our favorite pop culture with a naughty twist.
Our founder Gia Farrell wanted to create a line of cosmetic products inspired by a diverse blend of pop culture and humor for women and men, natural, vegan, and cruelty free quality makeup that allows you to show off your pretty face and your dirty mind.

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